I saw you at a show in Philadelphia about three weeks ago. I must tell you that I am 77 years old and have seen many a comedian in my time, but without a doubt you are the funniest and greatest one that I have ever seen. You worked the crowd with the best of them. There’s no one that even comes close to your performance and your ability. I am surly going to see you again when you come to neck of the woods. I am on your emailing list and am waiting for that event. I spoke to a lot of people who was at that party and they all agree with my feeling, and you did it with out saying the F word. They said that Jacky Gleason was the greatest but that only means that they never saw you because you are the GREATEST.

Thank you
Lou Molino
Philadelphia, PA 19128


Found your show on www.funnyguytickets.com and saw you in Clayton, NY last weekend on our vaction. OMG! I never seen a comedian live or on TV that made me laugh out loud for as long as you did. 2 and a half hours went by like it was 10 minutes. I been asking my wife for a “treat” all week cuz of you.

Thanks for the best night out I ever had!

Trent and Terry Wilcomb

Hi Dave I saw your show last night and haven’t laughed that much for that long ever!!! If you didn’t get to most of your show material last night and just went with the flow then I need to see a regular show!!!! The best comedian that I have seen!!! I can’t wait for you to be back in town so I can see you again!!! Thank you very much for an extremely entertaining evening with my family and friends!! My nephew was the “Vanilla Ice kid”. Keep up the awesome awesome work!!!!!!!!!!
Cheryl Drake
Pembroke, MA.

I saw your show last night to benefit the Whitman-Hanson-Pembroke girls hockey team. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. I laughed so hard I cried. I couldn’t believe that you could go on for 3 hours being just as funny at the end as through the whole thing. Thanks for making it a fun night out.
Mary Noonan

Hi Dave,

WOW! Definitely hilarious and more than worth the money spent! I couldn’t stop crying from laughing so hard. I didn’t want to leave the room or my seat for anything, even during your greatly appreciated extended show. When I decided to try this special events line-up at the resort again, I couldn’t have asked for a better first comedy act to promote! I only wish now that I had promoted even more. From the very start to your take on the resort and the quaint town of Gettysburg, and finally your outrageously true funny take on LOVE, women, and men, I ached! I would definitely like to invite you back and I’m sure, by the sound of the noise in the room, my husbands own tears of laughter and all my guests rousing reviews, and the line waiting for T-shirts, you’ll bring us more business next time, or anyone from your company.
It’s no wonder you’re a rising star! Thanks for a great night.

Jennifer Jeffcoat
General Manager
Carroll Valley Resort, PA

Please don't go by these reviews!  ...Come see for yourself!

   If its sounds to good to be true, then its probably a DAVE REILLY SHOW THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!

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I recently saw you at the sons of Shennana(as you called it) in Old Bridge and I must say you were hysterical.. I have seen many comedians from Mitch Fatel to Robin Williams and I have to admit I have never laughed as hard for as long as I did that night.. First of all I find amazing you had 3 hours worth of material and made it seem so seamless.. Great Job!!… Take care and can’t wait to see you again soon..

John F. Emilio
VP of Operations
FK General Contractors Inc.

Hi Dave,

We went to your show last night at the Phoenix Stage Co. in Naugatuck!!
We took my in-laws, because you definitely have the time of show you bring your in-laws to, and I just have to tell you that this was the 6th time we have seen your show!!! Dave, this was the funniest show we have seen!! I don’t know if it was that toxic Naugatuck air or if it was the fact that the show was 4 1/2 hours long but we could not stop laughing!! We laughed all the way home and laughed some more when we woke up!! Thank you for a GREAT time!!!

Phil Ercoli
Watertown Ct

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You performed at the Baby Zachary fundraiser to benefit our son this past weekend. After all, how could you ever forget the greatness of a show in lovely “Inselin”, NJ (just a small step up from The Venetian).
My wife and I just wanted to thank you for giving us exactly what we needed…a night of pure joy and laughter. Our son was born with a rare cancer in January and has been fighting for his life ever since. Laughter has been tough to come by lately.
When our friends said they wanted to organize a fundraiser for Zachary we only had one request…please make it fun. We didn’t want everyone to get together just to mourn and talk about hospitals and disease. They clearly got it right the moment they contacted you.
Your show was hysterical. The smiles and laughter were nonstop. Everyone I spoke to said the same (well, except maybe my grandparents).
Thank you again for a much needed night of fun and enjoyment with our family and friends.

Best Wishes,
Bobby, Dana & Zachary Volkay

Hi Dave,

We have had the pleasure of enjoying your show recently at the Southington Elks lodge. I don’t think there is anyone better than you.
There wasn’t a time or moment when the people in the audience were not laughing. Our lodge members and their guests were absolutely in awe of the funny lines and actions you do so well. They were all saying how there jaws and sides ached from so much laughter. There was even one person that said it made her laugh just to look at you on your poster, before she even met you. You actually made a few of us a little nervous in the very beginning of your cigarette/fire act. But they LOVED it! They also loved the part about you knowing of the apple harvest and apple fritters.

We really appreciated that you continued your show an hour longer than contracted, it was Great! It showed that even you were having a great time with us! I thought it was awesome that so many were buying your T-shirts. Personally, I had to have two of your shirts.

This show was our second time for my husband Jeff and I, and we want to see your show anytime you are in the area. We are ready in a heartbeat to have you back at our lodge for another night of awesome entertainment. Thank you for all your fun. Jeff and some others are constantly saying “shshshsh……………Listen…………..”I didn’t know”!!

Dave, your a funny guy! and you truly are one of a kind so we just love you!!! We wish you all the best!

Lisa Raymond
Southington Elks Lodge #1669

Dave ,

Wow what a show !!! My wife and I got a call last night at about 5 Pm that our friends had some extra Beef and Beer tickets (fundraiser to all that live outside of Jersey). We live about 30 miles away in Washington Township. So I was not so quick to jump on for a beef and beer. None the less in Millville. My buddy John Scotti said that he had seen you on Lettermen and heard that you had been on HBO. I’ll be quite honest with you, I didn’t know what to expect.

We go to comedy shows all the time in Philly and AC. We watch last comic standing every time it is on. You are up there with some of the most funny people I have ever witnessed.

On the way home my wife and I agreed that you were better then Larry the Cable Guy who we saw 2 weeks ago and better then Dane Cook who we saw earlier this year. We laughed our asses off and several times had to wipe the laughter tears away.

Dude I would refer you to anyone who is looking for a entertainer for a event. And I will be talking about your show to my friends, family and colleagues until the next time I see you.

Til the next time Bro !!!!


Curt Tegeler
Executive Vice President
ScreenDreamer, LLC.


As someone who strives to be funny, it’s humbling to tell someone else how funny they are but you truly earned my admiration. Your sense of timing and microphone control was outstanding. It was a Vegas level performance in New Britain, Connecticut. More so, the ability to keep the routine for so long was amazing.

Anyone looking to have you help with a fundraiser not only should know how much fun it will be for all, but also how long you perform. Two hours would have been well worth it, but three hours is incredible. Your performance is one that when the audience walks away, they want to call their friends to tell them how great it was, but thier friends won’t understand unless they were there.

I’m sure we will see you in future years. Thanks for making so many people laugh for so many good causes.

Jim Bengiovanni
Berlin, CT